What to hit up in Dubai

My top 5 spots

So I busted some myths in my last post ‘Upped my travelling game’ it’s time to talk about what to do. RB,LR and I packed so much into  a week but I’m going to try and narrow it down to 5 for you. It’s a tough call but I’ll give it a go.

1: If you’re in to beaches then a visit to J beach at JBR is a must. We spent the day lolling on sun loungers and dipping into the sea until LR got sunstroke. Luckily for us Fratelli la Bufala was less than 100m walk away so we scrambled there in search of air con. Now even if you don’t eat here you have to try the drinks, they are totally TDF.

All the drinks were made with blitzed fresh fruit rather than syrups and juices from concentrate so they tasted amazing and had little to no added sugar. You have to love the attention to detail too because it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Were have you ever seen a mocktail with a strawberry rose before?

2: Next up, Dubai Marine beach club. For 180AED equivalent to about £35 you get to spend all day alternating between views of the beach, dips in the sea and in the pool, all with the Burj Khalifa in the background. The cost of the days membership also includes the most varied and delicious lunch. 

There is a choice of 3 of the restaurants on site but I highly recommend the Taverna for the buffet. There is so much choice and the menu changes daily. There was an Indian theme when we went so alongside a pasta station and fresh salads there was a range of spiced meats, fish and rice and potato dishes.

The dessert station is in a whole league of its own though, little morsels of yum that were so beautifully garnished and presented. I’m not going to lie, I had 2 plates of them. Imagine a lighter version of the inside of a bueno, sat on a shortbread base with chocolate rocks and dusted in edible gold. Yeah you would wouldn’t you… HAHA

3: Fancy some night life? Ladies night at zero gravity is an absolute must. Don’t worry boys, you’re allowed too but it certainly isn’t as cheap. At 100AED (£20) we were treated to a range of all you can eat food and free drinks till about midnight. We got a choice of selected cocktails, spirits and mixer or wines including a sparkling pink from yellow tail…. gotta love pink bubbles!

Once again, the attention to detail was awesome, little shot glass sized desserts that ranged from cheesecakes to panna cotta. I particularly loved the white chocolate sails that stood proud in the glasses.

The whole night was amazing, from going in and being greeted by fresh coconut water (still in the coconut might I add) and a beauty gift bag to watching live performers play the saxophone and breath fire to the sounds of old school RnB. We had an amazing night and it was definitely an experience I would repeat. Nothing like dancing the night away with your besties to great music with the twinkling lights of Dubai in the background.

4: If you are given the chance to get up close and personal with a camel and a falcon why wouldn’t you? Honestly, you need to give the Desert safari a go. At 235AED for 3 of us, which comes in at about £16, it was an absolute bargain. 

We got picked up at Mirdif Mall at aroung 4pm and set of on a 20 minute drive into the desert. When we got there the driver let a little air out of his tires and we were good to go. If you haven’t been thrown about at speed across sand dunes you need to give it a go. It was stomach lurchingly funny and at times terrifying but we laughed a lot. It’s funny how those things seem to appear smaller in pictures though right…?

Once stomachs were settled and we had jumped around in the desert for a while the camels arrived. This is the first time I’ve been all up in a camels personal space like that but woah what an experience. 

Now I’m an average sized 5″ 4.5 inches tall (the .5 counts) and it was so difficult to get onto the camel, it was lay down but I still had to take a jump up. Definitely glad I had shorts on and it definitely wasn’t a glamorous clamber to the top. We did a small circuit then lay back with a coconut waiting for the show to start.

I had absolutely no idea what to expect as RB kept tight lipped on what was to come. It was an absolute treat. There was a fire artist, a guy that could give a spinning top a run for its money and the obligatory belly dancer. None of it was like anything I’d ever seen before but whether that was the atmosphere or the performers themselves I’m not too sure.

They were on for about 20mins each and during that time dinner was served. Dinner consisted of a selection of salads, dhaal, chickpeas and some beautifully flavoured chicken and lamb skewers. Definitely a meal worth having. This also included water and cans of fizzy drinks. All that for £16… and who says Dubai is expensive?

5: Last but not least, brunch at Saffron at the Atlantis. Now at 500AED (£100) you could be thinking what kind of food is worth that much but, it is all you can eat and drink from 12:30 until 4pm with a shuttle bus to NDULGE and club entry after. This really is an all day glammed up affair so be prepared to dress to impress.

Let me start with brunch first. It was a meal to remember and worth of the highest of accolades, there were live carvery and cooking stations that produced a high standard of international foods coming from all over the world. There was the traditional British roast, Indian Curries and Sushi to name but a few. Once again I hold my hands up and own up to being a seafood lover. Looking at my plate tell me your mouth isn’t watering right now?

I went for the half lobster tail then it was sashimi and ngiri all the way. It would be heaven for raw foodies. The fish was all so fresh and beautifully prepared I had to make it look just as pretty on my plate. With sushi outselling sandwiches in some supermarkets I know you guys would be all over this too : )

After that epic starter I moved onto some dim sum, crispy duck pancakes and threw in a curve ball with a lamb curry because it all looked so good. Then I got to my main aim…. the desserts. Oh boy oh boy! Apart from looking to good to eat they smelt wonderful too. There was fresh ice cream served to order, pancakes and a huge range of hot and cold offerings.

I opted for a bit of chocolate with a cake and ganache combo as well as a strawberry tartlet, a mouse and a wonderfully fresh rice pudding. I know you’re thinking what they had all that and you went for rice pud? It was chilled and had a light cream with orange zest that made the perfect ending to an awesome 4hr meal. I definitely over induged.

I hope that all gives you food for though but if that’s not up your street there’s always:

  1. The aquarium at Dubai mall
  2. Dinnner at Serafina watching the fountain show (you will need to book it gets busy)
  3. A visit to Al Karama – we had an awesome traditional meal for 20AED each with drinks
  4. Searching for hidden treasures in the souk at Dubai mall
  5. Dinner and sheesha at Al Arab restaurant 
The list goes on but you get the point : )

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